Christian Church in Kentucky CCK Academy June 12-15

Christian Church in Kentucky Academy for Church Leadership

June 12-16, 2017

The 2017 CCK Academy for Church Leadership (formerly known as the CCK Ministry School), is scheduled for June 12-June 16 at South Elkhorn Christian Church, 4343 Harrodsburg Road in Lexington.  The purpose of the CCK Academy is to equip leaders to serve the church and provide Licensed/Commissioned Ministers a forum for collegial support.   The CCK Academy also enables Commissioned Ministers to meet Regional educational Requirements.

This year's offerings are:

Romans, Then and Now by Dr. Jerry Sumney.  A study of some of the important themes in Romans including Paul's take on why we need the gospel and proclaiming it today.

Crisis Care by Rev. Kenneth McCullough.  A look at providing pastoral care with folks dealing with mental illness, dysfunction, addiction and PTSD among others.

Pastoral Leadership in the 21st Century Church by Rev. Greg Alexander.  This course will teach you the basics of how to effectively use the tools of congregational systems theory in your ministry.

Tuition is $125.00.  For more information contact the Kentucky Regional Office or email 


* The Christian Church in Tennessee is offering partial financial assistance to ministers interested in attending this event. We will need a letter of support for your attendance of LEARN 2017 from a Board Chair or Pastor of your home church. Help is available on a first come, first serve basis. If interested, please complete the following form: