Tennessee Disciples Mission Fund

Tennessee Disciples Mission Fund is the common fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).   Disciples Mission Fund supports 72 ministries of wholeness as close as your local congregation and reaching around the globe.Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregations have opportunity five times a year to give to special over and above offerings through the Disciples Mission Fund.  These offerings are each designated for particular ministries of the wider church. Publicity and resource materials are mailed to congregations by the Disciples Mission Fund approximately two months before each offering. 

 Tennessee Disciples MIssion Fund Remittance Form

Bethany Hills Camp & Conference Center

Our beloved Bethany Hills Camp & Conference Center serves many purposes and requires monthly maintenance. Our goal is to not only maintain but also update the facility in order to expand its capacity for hosting additional camps and conferences for all of our regional ministries. 

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund supports ministries of the Regional Church such as Outdoor Ministries camping, clergy learning, Global Ministries partnerships and the establishment of new churches.

Christmas Offering

The Christmas offering supports the work of the Regional Church and all funds raised through the Christmas Special Day Offering remain in the Region where they are given.

Gift to the Christian Church in TN

The work of the Region is enhanced by your gifts to the Christian Church in TN for specific ministries and operational needs. Your funds represent ongoing support of the Region and its ministries.



One time or recurring gift to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Tennessee

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Stewardship in Your Congregation

Key questions to ask our leaders

  1. What is our understanding of stewardship?

  2. What kind of givers does God want us to produce here?

  3. What kind of experiences do people need in order to become that kind of giver?