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Project Bethany Hills

The Camp and Conference Commission is charged with oversight of Bethany Hills program and facilities and is working on increasing the vitality and ministry of the blessing of Bethany Hills.  With your help, we know that Bethany Hills can continue its strong legacy of discipleship to the Disciples of Christ of TN, and hopefully, even enhance its presence and ministry. 






In concert with the Camp Manager this Task Force will plan and oversee maintenance and improvement of the facilities that make up Bethany Hills. 

Facilitated by Chuk Lamberth, Tom Best


This Task Force will seek to enhance Bethany Hills presence within the Region and beyond. 

Facilitated by Rev. Christy Jo Harber, Jason Frech, Dr. Allen Craig



This Task Force will address the need to have a well-equipped and motivated pool of counselors and directors to facilitate discipleship at Bethany Hills. 

Facilitated by Rev. Hope Hodnett, Rev. Frits Haverkamp


This Task Force will review the Region's camp and conference programs and curricula used at Bethany Hills, recommend future programs and curriculum, and consider opportunities for extending discipleship through Camp and Conference beyond the facilities of Bethany Hills.

Facilitated by Jonathan Hyde, Rev. Frits Haverkamp


Work days are being scheduled for groups of volunteers to attend. These days will involve a variety of tasks which might include anything from ground maintenance to painting a wall. This will be decided by the Camp & Conference Committee as they move forward with each phase of their plan. To sign up for a work day, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with details. *Filling out the form does not obligate you to a specific date.


Multi-day mission trips to Bethany Hills are a great way to allow a group to hunker down and dig in to projects requiring multiple steps. This might include a bathroom renovation, painting an entire structure, tearing out a wall, etc. If you are interested in getting involved in a Mission Trip to Bethany Hills, please fill out the form below. * Filling out the form does not obligate you to a specific date.


To donate to Project Bethany Hills, make checks payable to CC(DOC)TN and indicate "Project Bethany Hills" on the note line of your check. Mail to the Regional Office, address listed below. You may also make a donation online.

CC(DOC)TN / 7980 Coley Davis Rd. Suite 102 / Nashville, TN 37221