Regional Board & Commissions

Regional Board

Name Responsibility Commission Chairperson
Deborah Dewitt* Moderator
Richmond Williams* 1st Vice Moderator
Debra Goodnight* 2nd Vice Moderator
Katie Johnson* Secretary
Brandon Gilvin* Leadership/Development
Frits Haverkamp* Camp, Conference & Youth
Judy Cummings* Pro-Reconciliation
Jay Hartley* Pro-Reconciliation
Jill Westbrook* Commission on Ministry
Joanne Flowers* Outreach
Archie Sanders* Parliamentarian
Pat Row Eastern Area
Jonathan Hyde Eastern Area
Erika Latham Middle Area
Famitah Buchanan Middle Area
Gloria Carr Western Area
Chuk Lamberth Western Area
Marena McDonald Disciples Women
Pat Bishop Interim Disciples Men
Jordan Brown TCYF Youth Cabinet
Beverly Bell Nominating Committee Chair

*Member of the Executive Committee

Commissions of the Christian Church (DOC) in TN


Chaired by Rev. Dr. Joanne Flowers

The purpose of the Commission on Outreach is to extend the mission and ministry of the Christian Church in Tennessee from our region to the ends of the earth.  To accomplish this God-size task, the Tennessee region will:

Offer and promote the Doorstep Ministry Reconciliation Program which seeks to support grants proposed by congregations, agencies and ministries dedicated to the well-being, wholeness, and reconciliation of communities.  The commission will evaluate and recommend grants for funding based on merit and available funds.

Develop, identify, and promote mission trips for individuals or groups within the Tennessee region and beyond.

Mobilize to provide support and substance during natural disasters whenever possible.



Chaired by Rev. Frits Haverkamp

The purpose of the Commission on Camp, Conference and Youth is to provide direction, training, planning and implementation of regional programs at Bethany Hills. This includes developing, and procuring leadership for the annual Camp and Conference programs, Youth retreats and other events geared toward providing a Spiritual environment for a broad range of ages, cultures and interests. Spiritual formation, nurture, and renewal are the primary objectives of the Commission's programs.



Chaired by Rev. Dr. Jill Westbrook

The purpose of the Commission on Ministry within the Christian Church (Tennessee) is to uplift the fundamental ministry within the Church of Jesus Christ. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Tennessee participates in this ministry by,

Overseeing the policies, procedures and requirements for all Ordained, Commissioned, and lay and student clergy. (Set ordination schedules, recognition of guidelines, interview candidates, set guidelines for ministerial code of conduct, develop and manage ministerial support programs.)

Provide and set requirements for ministerial ethics training. Manage and set guidelines within the regional Investigative teams.



Co-Chaired by Rev. Dr. Judy Cummings and Rev. Jay Hartley

The Commission on Pro-Reconciliation/Anti-Racism will create an anti-racism agenda for the Region by coordinating a long-range program to challenge the ill effects of racism, exclusion and fear within the Christian Church in Tennessee. The Commission is responding to God’s call to be a fully transformed, anti-racist, multi-cultural church. First, we must acknowledge that racism is a sin that is embedded within the systems, and the power of our institutions. It is necessary that we as members of the Body of Christ claim an anti-racist identity that reconciles, empowers, heals, and makes whole. 



Chaired by Rev. Brandon Gilvin

The purpose of the Commission on Leadership Development is to Inspire, inform, and empower all Clergy, and laypersons to live out their call to service in ways that produce faithful, effective and innovative ideas, programs and ministries in the Church and beyond. Twenty-first century leadership must be on the cutting edge of what it means to interpret a message for those who are seeking to learn, grow and try new ideas as a way of honoring God’s plan for humanity. The vision of this Commission is to keep Clergy and laity aware, uplifted, and on track by offering high quality workshops, mission opportunities, retreats, classes, seminars, coaching, and building solid and sustainable collegiate networks inside and outside the Region.