May 27-May 29 Discovery (K-2)* May 31- June 6 CYF (9-12) June 7-June 13 Eighters (8) June 14-June 18 Junior (3-5)* July 5-July 10 Chi Rho (6-7) July 19-July 22 Adventure Camp (POST HIGH) *Note the grade shift


Camp Covenant

Click Here--please review this covenant with your camper before camp. They will be asked to sign it at camp.



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Bethany Hills Camp and Conference Center is a 300-acre parcel located in the rolling hills of Cheatham and Dickson Counties. Bethany Hills is "Holy Ground." Not only does the magnificent landscape offer a beautiful picture of God's creative genius in Middle Tennessee, but the spiritual atmosphere around the Chapel by the Lake, the Upper Room, campfire area and fellowship and study areas provides a "beautiful view" of God's presence and love. Participants grow as Christians, returning to their daily lives renewed and responsive to the challenge of living faithfully. The camp has a recreation hall, a swimming pool, ball field, hiking trails, and a good 'ol fashioned fishin hole.' At the heart of Bethany Hills is the Lodge with a wonderful meeting and gathering room and dorm-style sleeping rooms.  (phone) 615-952-9184

1080 Bethany Hills Rd, Kingston Springs, TN 37082

  • A modern lodge with 60 people capacity; conference room; small kitchen
  • A chapel 
  • A dining hall seating 160 people
  • A recreation building
  • 12 cabins (3 winterized) each with a capacity of 8-36 people
  • An arts and crafts lodge (bring your own supplies)
  • Several walking trails
  • A children's playground
  • Campfire area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Small lake with 2 fishing docks


  • Great Attitude
  • Sleeping Bag (or sheets and blankets)
  • Pillow
  • Towels, Washcloths Soap, Toiletries, etc
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Casual Comfortable Clothes
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Sweater or Light Jacket
  • Rain Gear
  • Swimsuit
  • Bible
  • Paper and Pencil
  • Flashlight
  • Money for Canteen
  • Money for Offering
  • Electric Fan


  • Electronic Games
  • Food -- Invites Bugs into Cabins
  • Boom Boxes -- (campers may listen to music through personal headphones at night before bed time as long as the volume is kept low)

No Visitors to camp during the week. This disrupts the community experience that is so important at camp. 

Leaving Camp Early or Arriving Late 
Arriving late or leaving early to a camp is disruptive to the community, therefore all campers must arrive when camp begins and stay throughout the camp. 

Phone Calls
Cells phones may only be used during camp free time. Campers agree not to make or receive calls, post to social networks or the internet or receive or send texts during camp activities In case of emergency call the Camp Manager at (615)952-9184.

Camper Mail 
While campers love receiving letters and cards at camp, please do not send any food items to campers.Food items in the cabins attract pests. Any treats brought by campers or sent from home will be stored in the kitchen and shared by the group.

No smoking allowed anywhere on the grounds of Bethany Hills.

No pets allowed with the exception of service animals.

Parents, please review the Camp Covenant with your child before they attend camp.


1080 Bethany Hills Rd, Kingston Springs, TN 37082

From Nashville via Interstate 40 West: 
Take I-40 West towards Memphis. Take Exit 196, Bellevue US 70 South. From Exit 196, turn right on Highway 70 South. After approximately one mile, Highway 70 South merges with Highway 70. Turn left, in a westerly direction, away from the city. Camp is approximately 14 miles from Exit 196. The Belltown Church of Christ, a white concrete block building, will be on the left side of Highway 70. Take the first blacktop road to the left after the church. This is Craggie Hope Road. Within a hundred yards after turning south off Highway 70, bear right onto the Bethany Hills Road (there is a camp sign there) -- follow the road down into the camp.

From Memphis via Interstate 40 East: 
Take I-40 to Exit 182, Fairview. Turn right off the ramp onto Highway 96, crossing back over the interstate, heading in a northwesterly direction toward Dickson. After about 3 miles, turn right on road where marker points to White Bluff. (This road has no other marking.) After about 5 miles, turn right at junction of this road with Highway 70. (Landmark -- Texaco convenience market) Go east on Highway 70 about 2.5 miles to the camp sign on your right. Take the right (this is the first blacktop road to the right after crossing the Dickson/Cheatham County Line). Within a hundred yards after turning south off Highway 70, bear right onto the Bethany Hills Road (there is a camp sign there) -- follow the road down into the camp.

"I grew up going to Bethany Hills as it was the actual location where I found God and God found me. There is no place in this world where one can be fully accepted, find true peace and loved, and set ones moral and spiritual compass. To return with my own children and witness God transforming powerful grace working in them and so many other youth over the years is beyond words. Everyone needs a Bethany Hill's experience."    Rev Tommy Henegar

"Outside of my home and my church, Bethany Hills has been that "third place" of significance in my life. Its beauty and the people I have met there over the last thirty years of my life have shaped me and changed me in profound ways. The camps, conferences and retreats I've been a part of as camper, counselor, peace intern, keynoter, and director have strengthened my faith, challenged my assumptions, taught me about friendships, shown me what God's love looks like and feels like. Feeling "held" by God's love through the life-long friendships formed there, I have been encouraged always to pursue my own unique gifts for ministry - many of which were first identified at Bethany Hills."   Tallu Schuyler Quinn, Executive Director,The Nashville Food Project
"Being a counselor at Bethany Hills is a great blessing.  What's gone:  burden of daily responsibilities like cooking, washing dishes, fighting traffic, answering the telephone and email.  What's added:   face-to-face relationships, meaningful conversation, space to breathe.  The magic:   being part of a community where EVERYONE leaves the daily stresses behind and  reconnects with their own true spirit.  It's great when I do that.  It's truly amazing to be part of a community where EVERYONE is doing that.   You realize how much stress we are all under, and how beautiful people can be when the stress is lifted."   Rev Jay R. Hartley