Current Grants

Doorstep Ministry

Applications are accepted in January each year.

Doorstep Ministry is an outreach ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Tennessee through which the Church seeks to help persons who are displaced, poor, oppressed, undereducated, or otherwise socially deprived. This commission does not administer programs directly, but rather seeks to augment and undergird programs established by churches in Tennessee. Qualified churches may receive financial assistance for operating programs that meet the criteria established by the Doorstep Ministry Committee and approved by the Region.

Eligible programs must meet the following minimum requirements to receive assistance:
  1. Programs must be sponsored by a church or an ecumenical organization in cooperation with a Christian Church.
    • Congregations affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) will receive first priority.
  2. Each project must be approved by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Tennessee Board upon recommendation of the Doorstep Ministry Committee.
  3. New projects must be over and above the sponsoring church’s regular agenda of ministries.
  4. Each project must be reviewed annually by the committee to determine its eligibility.
  5. The following types of projects will be considered for assistance:
    • Day care/kindergarten programs.
    • Community service/community center programs
    • Camps and work camps
    • Reconciliation programs
    • Ecumenical programs for persons who are poor, displaced, oppressed, undereducated or otherwise socially deprived.
    • Projects to aid the elderly
  6. Projects must be directed toward meeting the needs of a particular community while attempting to reach people both inside and outside of the church.
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