We desire to amplify each church’s call to be formed by Jesus’ love by connecting the region, church to church, into an extended open table where everyone knows they can receive the unmistakable grace of God.


A message from Regional Minister and President, Reverend Doctor Christal Williams

Dreaming big requires our selfless work alongside brothers, sisters and siblings of every age, color, culture and walk of life; persons who insist upon living out their devotion to Jesus Christ; allowing the Holy Spirit to guide, inspire and electrify their participation in the church on a local and regional level, and beyond our doorsteps to the ends of the earth.

The Tennessee regional church has been setting ablaze the embers of radical hospitality, leadership development, pro-reconciliation/anti-racism, camp and conference, and an overall deeper reclamation to regional church ministry.

If we are daydreaming again. Let us dream that the Christian Church in Tennessee will use our fire to inspire, motivate and spiritually ignite others into becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  I dream that we will see Jesus at work in our Region in this next biennium. Let us offer the Holy Spirit room to move, work and burn throughout our hearts and Region.